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Let’s face it, there’s just no getting around the fact that as we age our body feels and acts differently than it did when we were younger. It just doesn’t seem fair that our body seems to become less “cooperative,” while our mind appears to improve and become more “inventive.” We’re stiff when we get out of bed; certain activities during the day make us sore at night; and, if we’re not truly careful, even something as simple as turning too fast or bending over to pick up a dropped pencil, can cause our back or some other muscle group to go into spasm. Fortunately, there is natural treatment accessible that can not only slow down the aging process of the body, but help us to avoid some of those problems altogether.

For instance, arthritis. In point of fact, with the exception of pharmaceuticals, allopathic medicine doesn’t take care of this age-related condition. Why? It is because most medical practitioners treat the symptoms of arthritis. The chiropractic method is to discover the cause of the condition and get rid of the pain at its source.  For over a hundred years, chiropractors have been caring for people suffering from back pain and other conditions caused by arthritic changes in the musculoskeletal system.

Arthritic changes take place as your body ages because, over time, wear of certain joints takes place as the result of repetitive stresses, and years of poor gait, improper posture, and insufficient movement. Chiropractic treatment brings back motion into your joints and decreases pain, and it readjusts any vertebral misalignment that may be causing irritation and restriction. In addition to causing arthritic changes in the spine and increasing pain, did you know that misaligned vertebra can also lower your resistance and immunity? It’s an authoritative fact, and this could be one of the reasons why it may seem that as you age you develop more health issues and that it often takes longer for you to feel better again. According to research done on older individuals, those who received regular chiropractic care stayed healthier. To put it another way, as you get older, chiropractic adjustments are good for what ails you!

When it comes to the health of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are highly knowledgeable whether it’s the small, growing frame of an infant or the full-grown body of an aging adult. Your chiropractor understands the aging process and has singular observational and diagnostic skills that assist in locating spinal misalignments and joint degeneration. In fact, a chiropractic examination can frequently reveal certain age-related conditions before they’ve begun to create noticeable pain. Moreover, your chiropractor can evaluate your posture and analyze your gait to identify inappropriate patterns that could generate further arthritic changes.